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With experience in services-based business, A2B Tech was created in order to provide benefits to customers around the world according to principles of superior technology, implementation based on proven practices, and world-class support. Establishing partnerships not only with software vendors, but also served customers, to provide the best service possible is one of our goals; by learning your business and the value you add, we can be sure to tailor our offering to help you run your business.




http://www.securewinbox.com/ is a partner providing software for secret/password/key-sharing among trusted parties. If you would like a demo or a quote for the product, please let us know and we can arrange for either or both to help you understand how SecureWinBox can start adding security and control to your environment today.


http://www.keyshieldsso.com/ is a partner providing software for Single Sign-On and proximity card based authentication and authorization. Demos or quotes are available upon request to help show how these can work for your environment today, even taking advantage of existing proximity cards.