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Micro Focus (formerly NetIQ) Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) - Complete Training


Target Audience


This course is designed to help somebody who has not used SSPR in the past, but who probably understands the need behind password management, to setup their first instance of SSPR and configure it to meet common, and probably less-common, business needs in their environment. Coverage of topics around passwords, both remembered and forgotten, and their security will be included as part of the discussion. Making use of the various SSPR Modules to enable users who otherwise would need rights directly to users (such as Helpdesk users) to change passwords, will also be covered.




By the course's completion everybody should have one or more instances of SSPR configured using most of the modules and other options available to them. A better understanding of Password or Credential Management in general should also be gained to help participants better understand the security landscape. As this course is hands-on, a Virtual Machine (VM) will be provided to facilitate learning.


About the Course and Product


Most organizations want to allow users to perform self-service for as much as possible, simply because it allows common, simple, and user-initiated tasks to be pushed out to the users who care enough to do them; as long as the information involved is not something meant to be controlled centrally, this makes perfect sense to reduce the burden on helpdesks, managers, and IT staff. Passwords have always been in this category, but the method of allowing users to change passwords has evolved over the years. Do passwords get changed from a regularly-accessed intranet or web portal? Are they changed from workstations which may or may not be connected to the organization's network regularly? What about this not-so-new thing called "mobile" and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trends? How do users recover forgottRzt2fX@Ĵ~ǺWag~dc &`I^FӔHk$3&e=OK+y4rТ6hyNEgGş._oi &w]V94f"H ҄_6x<;}sa9ab3ly"ƓgQޢhPcb9leռm6VT_\(^qڃ᷅$ m.A1[~#ƿ*ӳKME_i UY'(w6IR29QbPm CvLp+KxhrX/漷q,a[zF1+LW ޜJG^ӡ s\卬F,IVu ~.0?N-GDO%IY $zzW17szF<b# 8 S[ Vhf c'&;I.b?[z崏'bkwKoZ|@-؍ Z2V_t1MLܰX`լa(*1 / 4ծ-HkXE D*ZQ|G0ݏ.4}l-s:_gqz9~n2cUTԶn?WJܧ0mH36:VC׵gZA4ΞNOmo.$Kk֍%X5LKBCb[YQN- f؈lfG\yt %ͺm' ȹ>X(c݆ R{݋yZ_#:gtk;VRH^0gMXշDAO#~8H>ƹ]Qt6W!sZE÷SKyq-ܱA.#՝24 .¤QY;tkUM7JNxA*MuI٤Fm3]ɺИ! =֝ ۩!gܰ(l Vѡt>6XCL˟~v=ӟFZ nSkN~{q[u5y71Co)r*W4-y+{ɒ LrYr~KXeI 6<=/Z+ 1J8:䍋F^$^WeFO'4?ZZQ_r<qO`)? )NqJ Bw&d{Q搜ӻ U\AF(3IH,!=iU(&`7xjrQWe->* $^?eQ$>h]ycNEM0q6 ?g Yj)D|nF܆7ғp+_GL:dx+G] {WlN^2|1y8Wxy^ִ'֯,k~rӚ,1H?g^fgP ܪ>kv9GN֯s$Jz\MSJ*єՓ}X5él1hG 7xAzojog-g(>4S77}=N$Jk;ZǥhIyY!#^ ҮM;QS}Tѵ{?ȰޤW݆>DcD3\X,5hf\=8TV;1GA;2`Zgcy&{[@28Q^si}s&te5/5ahvR1׵{ROT")#Bi!W{Fej𼗖W2(| u`W("fp U ;kT:&h6db1 縺{* +WpU6[#e}[hOXەH:23UHll _͸dY"R=65i~wyԎ-m.pͼW GU! tJOs(Tt83 2s|| nh=[PkگIM7R^qsj:Cgyu

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