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Micro Focus (formerly NetIQ) Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) - Complete Training


Many Micro Focus customers are already entitled to use SSPR as part of other product purchases. Training will allow your organization to take advantage of a powerful tool which may not be in use, or get more out of an existing implementation.


Micro Focus (formerly NetIQ / Novell) Identity Manager (IDM) - Introduction to Business Logic Drivers


Identity Manager training typically starts with an install, and goes through a simple setup, which provides the beginner what is needed to scratch the surface. This training will specifically discuss how the architecture of the Identity Vault (IDV) can benefit your company, how the proper use of drivers will greatly minimize complexity, and how to properly assign logic to one type of business logic driver or another. The information conveyed is what everybody will discover after a few years of trial and error, and includes package-built examples ready to take home and implement today.


Regular Expressions (Regexes) - Administrator Essentials


Regular expressions are advanced patterns used for identifying and manipulating text in various contexts, from text editors, to scripting and programming. Being able to use this powerful technology can turn long, arduous tasks into quick steps on the path to completing something significant. Fluency with regexes is important and applicable to every person who works in IT.